About Us

All about Order procedure

How can I place orders if I'm not familiar with international imports?

We have skillful logistic team for international shipment operations. We could supply FOB、CIF、door to door service (DDU/DDP terms) for your orders to some countries,it depends. 

I'm an individual not a company. Can I buy natural ingredients, Plant Extract, plant oils, Spices, Herbs, Vegetable, Fruit Powder.

Sorry we are in B2B. Currently we only supply bulk raw materials to the manufacturers and qualified distributors, not to individual.

Nutrition & Beverage

Feed & Feed additive

Insecticide & Fungicide

Personal Care

What is MOQ (Minimum order quantity) order?

Shipping by Air: MOQ is 45kg per shipment.

Shipping by Sea: MOQ is 25kg per shipment.

(It depends on what products also, please contact us for details)

How can I pay for my orders?

We accept payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), L/C. You could also use Western Union for small amount payment. 

What is the payment beneficiary when we make payment

T/T and L/C: Hebei Jieliang Extract Biotech Co., Ltd

Bank of China account no. 101342734265. 

Western Union: baizijie

Any other is not acceptable.

Could clients get credit from JIELIANG Extract? 

Welcome repeat clients with good payment record to apply for credit. 

Please contact us for a credit application form.

Could you provide us formula design assistance? 

Yes, we do not only supply Botanic/plant extracts, but also we provide formula design services, contract manufacturing and ingredients applications solutions.

How can we get free samples for lab test from JIELIANG Extract?

We are very glad to provide clients with 5g-20g free samples for lab testing, along with the original COA, Please contact us for your any concerns.


All about Quality Control System

What are our products quality control systems? 

According to the ISO9001 management system, every batch goods must be tested during the produce process and before delivery by QC team to be sure of the product potency, purity and other required data. 

Any other quality management system certificate?

We are certified by ISO9001 on the product scope of Feed, Food, Bio-insecticide and Cosmetics

We are certified by FAMI-QS on Feed additiive and Feed material,  by ISO22000-2018 on Food Safety Control System.

What third party inspection does JIELIANG Extract work with?

We also work with the third party inspection, such as Pony Test, SGS, Eurofins, China Inspection Bureau, China National Plant Resource Function Engineering Center, etc. 


All about Logistic

How about the transportation? What are your usual shipping ports? 

International Courier services and Freight Forwarding Services both are available. 

By Sea Shipment: Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai

By Air shipment: Beijing, Shanghai

How long is the delivery time? 

Shipping time by vessel: 1 to 2 weeks according to different destination ports.

Shipping time by air: 2 to 6 working days.

How is the packing? 

Sample packing: plastic bags inside, aluminum foil bag outside,

Bulk packing one: double plastic bags inside, paper drums outside, 20kgs-25kg/drum.

Bulk packing two: 1kg-5kgs plastic bags inside with aluminum foil bag outside, packing in paper drums, 20kgs-25kgs/drum.

Bulk packing three: 1 Plastic and alum drum of 50kgs, 200kgs and 1000kgs, IBC Drum.


All about natural ingredients, Plant Extract, plant oils, Spices, Herbs, Vegetable, Fruit Powder

We can’t find the product we want in product Category, what should I do? 

Our Experienced production and R&D team has the ability to develop and design the products in specifications which are suitable for Nutrition & Beverage, Feed & Feed additive, Insecticide & Fungicide, Personal Care Etc.

What is the effect for plant extracts, especially compared with chemical drugs?

plant extracts are natural extracted from plants, they work. But, we could not simply to compare the effect between plant extracts and chemical drugs, because the mechanism of action is not the same. Although plant extracts also have some typical functions, plant extracts normally be used as supplements, it is could not be substituted for chemical drugs. Majority plant extracts is with no side effect.

Does plant extract have residual solvent?

It depends. We mainly use water and edible alcohol as solvent, most of plant extracts are with no other solvent residual.

Heavy metal <10PPM or <1PPB, what does PPM, PPB mean?

PPM mean: Parts per Million, PPB mean: Parts per Billion.