About Us

Quality Control On Material

To obtain natural ingredients, the good quality comes from 70% good material and 30% processing, so every year we devote much efforts to find the source and producing area of raw material in good quality, we have professional personals to collect raw material.

Quality Control On Warehouse

Good Storage condition is very important to remain the active ingredient in the raw material, Our warehouse not only can avoid raw material to get damp, mildew, but also a good protection of finished goods.

Quality Control On Facility

The Facility is very important to the yield coefficient, we pay more attention to upgrading the facilities in our factory, the good facility can lower our production cost and increase our competitiveness.

Quality Control On Extract Solvent

we focused on the plant extract for Feed & Veterinary Drug, the FAMI-QS and Quality demands request our quality control on the used Extract solvent and solvent residue. The heavy metals level and methanol residue depends a lot on the quality of extract solvents, such as Hg (mercury, quicksilver) in Macleaya Cordata Extract is from the solvent of sulfuric acid, The Methanol in St. John’ Wort Extract is from the ethanol. The Good quality Extract solvent can lower the risk of exceeding of Heavy metal and methanol level. Also the Organic agriculture request solvent (ethanol) is not synthetic, we only use ethanol from fermented corn with GMO free.

Quality Control On Extraction Processing

After many year’s production and researching on technology, We have stable and mature manufacture process flow chart for each products, We keep the stable quality.

Quality Control On Analysis

Our QC will sample each batch whatever it is sample or batch quantity and do routine analysis after production, in case of storage more than 1 month; the second analysis will be done before shipment. All the standards are from NIFDC (National Institutes for Food and Drug Control) or SIGMA.

Quality Control On packing list

We adopt different packing materials for different products in different specifications in order to keep the quality stable. Alum Bag, Vacuum Packing, Plastic Drum, Glasses, Bottle. for all the commercial orders, we will do pallet packing to keep the goods safe in transportation.