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Artichoke extract

European folk traditional herbs mostly use the leaves of artichoke as the medicine part. The leaves of artichoke contain a variety of caffeoylquinic acid and its derivatives, flavonoids and terpenoids functional compounds, which can be used to treat hyperlipidemia. It has the functions of anti-oxidation and cardiovascular protection. It is rich in cynic acid, chrysanthemum, asparagine and other compounds, which can enhance liver function and prevent arteriosclerosis. It is also widely used in the feed industry. Application Artichoke extract has a lipid-lowering function. It can effectively reduce the levels of TG, TC and LDL in the serum and liver, increase the level of HDL, and reduce the content of MDA. And can improve the activity of liver lipase and lipoprotein lipase. It can be sued in Nutrition/ Animal Feed/ Food/ Cosmetics.