Tea Saponin

Tea Saponin


Tea Seed Saponin 
Tea Sapogenin


Brown Liquid and Light Yellow Fine Powder

Active ingredients: 

Tea Saponins


30% Tea Saponin Liquid

60% Tea Saponin Powder
80% Tea Saponin in Powder
90%-95% Tea Saponin in Powder
Tea saponins ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26), found in Camellia plants, are natural non-ionic surfactants that offer obvious beneficial effects in soil remediation. Most tea saponins are extracted from the Camellia oleifera seed meal, with the leaves and flowers of Camellia sinensis as potential sources.

Tea saponin ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26), a glycoside compound extracted from camellia tea seeds, is excellent natural nonionic active surfactant. It can be widely used in pesticide, cultivation, textile, daily chemicals, architectural field, and medical field and so on.

Tea saponin ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26)is triterpenoid saponin, it tastes bitter and spicy. It stimulates mucous membrane of nose to lead to sneeze. The pure product is fine white column-shape crystalloid with strong moisture absorption ability. It presents apparent acidity to methyl red. It's easy to be dissolved in water, water-contained methanol, water-contained ethanol, glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride and pyridine etc. Its melting point: 224.

Tea saponin ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26) can be extensively used in aquaculture to eliminate unwanted fish in the fish and shrimp ponds. Its mainly content is saponin. It helps shrimps take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps. Detoxify quickly in water and are not injurious to cattle and people who may use the water. Leave no cumulative adverse residues, and it is readily available, economical to use. It can be made for pondcleaning agent on the account of hemolysis and fish poison functions in order to kill harmful fish but no harm to shrimp.

Tea Saponin

Tea saponin ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26) has excellent function of Emulsifying, dispersing, foaming and wetting. It is widely used in the production of Washing, wool spinning, knitting, medicine, daily chemical industry.  

Tea saponin ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26) as a wetting agent of pesticide. It can increase the wetting ability and suspensibility of wettable powder. As a natural nonionic surface active agent, Its application can improve the physicochemical property of pesticide solution, increase the dosage of pesticide on the target, then more achieve pesticide effect. So the application of tea saponin not only increase the effect due to the quick wetting, high dispersive capacity. Also the PH is 5.5-6.5, Neutral and partially acid, it will not decompose pesticide, and be good to storage of pesticide. 

Tea saponin ( CAS NO.: 8047-15-2 Molecular Formula: C57H90O26) has good bioactivity, The tea saponin has stomach toxicity and strong repellent function. The higher concentrated the more repellent. It has control of Cabbage green. The pesticide to control the soil insect, such as cutworm, nematodes etc. also it has killing effect on ampullaria gigas, snall, Oncomelania snail etc. on rice crop.


1) Agrochemical adjuvant in pesticides   
2) Molluscicide Area            
3) Architecture Area     
4) Daily Chemical field        
5) Medicine Area     
6) Textile Area    
7) Feed Area       
8) Fire-fighting agent area  

COA and Chromatogram For Reference

Tea Saponin

Tea Saponin

Tea Saponin

Tea Saponin

Tea Saponin

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