Toosendan Fruit Extract

Szechwan Chinaberry Fruit Extract

Fructus Meliae Toosendan Extract

Melia Azedarach Extract

Meliae Toosendan Extract


Dark Brown Liquid or Light Yellow Powder

Active ingredients: 

Azedarachin, Kulactone, Kulolactone, Kulinone, Mcthyl kulonate, Toosendanin


1%-2% Toosendanin by HPLC

5% Toosendanin by HPLC
Toosendanin is islated from the seeds and barks of Melia Azedarah as one of the major bioactivity chemical constituents, belongs to a tetracyclic triterpenoids.  Toosendanin was used as a digestive tract parasiticide and agriculture insecticide in the ancient market.

Toosendanin has very good bioactivity of killing insects; it has effect of antifeedant, stomach toxicity, contact killing and inhabiting of growth. Also the Toosendanin is a low toxicity insecticide.

After pests eat or contact Toosendanin, the central nervous system conduction is closed, destroying intestinal tissue and respiratory metabolism. it will affect digestive and absorption and lost the taste of goods. The long time antifeedant will result in abnormal growth and death, also abnormal worm when moulting.

The Toosendanin has high bioactivity of killing on many kinds of Lepidoptera pests, but no controlling effect on sucking mouthparts pests. Our produced Toosendanin insecticide is extracted from the both the bark of plant “Melia azedarach L” or the seed of plant “Melia Toosendanin Sieb. et Zucc”.It has Azedarachin, kulactone, kulolactone, kulinone, mcthyl kulonate, toosendanin etc. many killing active components. It can kill the crop pests such as Rice borer, rice fly louse, rice leaf borer, corn borer (o.n ubilas) and slime worms; the vegetable pests such as cabbage caterpillar, plutella xylostella, noctuid, Scarabaeidae; the fruit tree pests such as Apple leaf moths, cherry real bees, cherry leaf bees and citrus mites; the tea pests such as Tea blackthorn, tea caterpillar, tea false eye small green leaf cicadas, tea pest Etc.

COA and Chromatogram for Reference




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