Stevia Extract

Stevia Extract


Stevia Leaf Extract 

Stevia Rebaudiana Extract


White fine Powder

Active ingredients: 

Stevioside (Steviol glycosides), Rebaudioside A


80%, 90%, 95% Stevioside (Steviol glycosides) by HPLC

40%-60% Rebaudioside A in 90% Stevioside (Steviol glycosides) by HPLC

80%-95% Rebaudioside A in 95% Stevioside (Steviol glycosides) by HPLC

97%, 98%, 99% Rebaudioside A by HPLC
Stevia extract (Stevia Leaf Extract, CAS NO. 57817-89-7) is extracted by Water and Ethanol from the leaf of the plant Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl.

Stevioside (CAS NO. 57817-89-7, Chemical formula: C38H60O18) is a glycoside derived from the stevia plant, which can be used as a sweetener.[1] Evidence of benefit is lacking for long-term effects on weight loss and heart disease risks.

Stevioside (CAS NO. 57817-89-7, Chemical formula: C38H60O18) is the main sweetener (along with rebaudioside A) found in the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. The sweetening power of stevioside was estimated to be about 300 times stronger than cane sugar.

Stevia Extract

Rebaudioside A (CAS NO.:58543-16-1, Chemical formula: C44H70O23, sometimes shortened to "Reb A") is a steviol glycoside from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana that is 240 times sweeter than sugar. Rebaudioside A is the sweetest and most stable steviol glycoside, and is less bitter than stevioside. Stevia leaves contain 9.1% stevioside and 3.8% rebaudioside A.


Stevia Extract, as a new natural sweetener, can be widely used in various beverages, food, medicine, feed and daily chemical products. Broadly speaking, stevia extract can be used in almost all or part of any product that uses sugar. 

COA and Chromatogram For Reference

Stevia Extract

Stevia Extract

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