Mentha piperita oil

Mentha piperita oil
Mentha piperita oil CAS NO. 8006-90-4

Appearance: colorless or pale yellow liquid, It has a fresh, strong and slightly grassy mint aroma, with a creamy and sweet base, and a cool air throughout 

Active ingredients:  Ester, total alcohol, L-menthol.

Ester content:≥5.0%, total alcohol content:≥50%, L-menthol:≥40%.

Mentha piperita oil (CAS NO. 8006-90-4) is extracted from the mint plant (Mentha Belongs to the Lamiaceae family, also known as mint. Mint is a hybrid of water mint (M. aquatica) and Dutch mint (M. spicata). Mainly produced in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Bulgaria and other countries, there is also a small amount of planting in Xinjiang, my country. Ester content: : ≥5.0%, total alcohol content: ≥50%, L-menthol: : ≥40%


The usage of Mentha piperita oil (CAS NO. 8006-90-4) is basically the same as Peppermint oil DMO (Mentha Arvensis). Its flavor is sweeter and more elegant than Mentha Arvensis.

COA and chromatogram for reference

Peppermint Oil
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